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How Laser Teeth Whitening Gives You A Brighter Smile

If you're unhappy with your discolored teeth, talk to your dentist about laser teeth whitening. Laser whitening is more expensive than using home kits, but the results are quicker and last longer. Here's how laser teeth whitening works.

Customize Your Treatment

When you consult with a dentist about laser whitening, they'll match the color of your teeth to a shade chart to determine how stained your teeth are so they know how to time your treatments and what strength peroxide to use. Plus, since you may need multiple treatments, the shade chart helps the dentist monitor your progress.

Clean Your Teeth

Your dentist might want to clean your teeth first to get rid of plaque and tartar so you get the best results. This could make the whitening more even when food bits and tartar are out of the way. It might even reduce the number of whitening sessions you have, and that could save some money.

Prep Your Mouth

Laser teeth whitening is safe because your dentist takes precautions. You'll wear protective eye goggles to protect your eyes from the laser light. Your mouth will be held open with a device, and your gums will be covered so the peroxide bleach won't make your gums sore.

The peroxide used with laser whitening is stronger than what comes in home kits, so your dentist wants to make sure your mouth is protected.

Apply The Peroxide And Laser

The peroxide gel is painted on your teeth. Only the fronts of your teeth are treated since the backs aren't usually seen. Once the gel is in place, the dentist shines a laser light on it. The light and gel are left on for several minutes depending on how many shades your teeth need to be whitened.

The laser heats the gel, and that makes the gel more effective at breaking up stains. When time is up, the dentist rinses all the peroxide off and brushes your teeth. The final step in laser teeth whitening is to apply a fluoride treatment.

Have Repeat Treatments If Needed

You may be happy with the results of laser teeth whitening after one treatment, but if you want to go shades whiter, your dentist can schedule you for a repeat treatment. Once you've achieved the color you like, it should last for several months or even a few years. It helps if you avoid smoking and drinking tea or coffee so you can avoid staining your teeth again.

It's also important to keep up with brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings so your white and bright teeth stay that way for as long as possible. Contact a dentist to learn more about laser teeth whitening