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3 Things You Shouldn't Do Before Visiting A Dentist

Whether you are going in for a major procedure or just a general check-up, many people who visit a dental office like to be prepared and make sure they are presentable. While it is always a good idea to be ready and prepared for your dentist, sometimes people can take this a bit too far and actually make the visit harder than it needs to be. While brushing your teeth beforehand is perfectly fine, there are a few things you should not be doing before you go to a dental office. Here are a few no-no's that you should bear in mind when you next go to an appointment.

Don't Take Your Own Painkillers Beforehand 

Even if you are going in for an appointment that you know will involve a fairly painful procedure, you should never take your own pain medication beforehand. If you need relief from pain, your dentist will be well aware of this and prescribe you the proper anesthetic or painkillers. If you take your own beforehand, it can mess up their calculations for what you need and complicate the procedure. Let them take care of all aspects of the procedure and if you have any questions or are hesitant, then don't be afraid to ask—they will be happy to explain the reasoning behind what they are doing.

Don't Drink or Eat Too Much

While most people will be aware not to eat too much before seeing the dentist (as you don't want any crumbs or food scraps left in your teeth for them to discover), it also is just respectful of the procedure to not drink too much either. Depending on what type of drink you have, whether it be coffee or just water, you can stain your teeth a little, or might need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the appointment. Of course, this does not mean dehydrating yourself, but just take it in moderation so that you don't waste anyone's time (including your own). 

Don't Put on Makeup

While you probably still want to look good under the bright lights a dentist will shine in your face during their work, having too much makeup on can be very annoying for them in a way you might not expect. Their hands will, after all, will most likely be continually touching your face, either as they rest it while using instruments or as they maneuver your face into the right position. If you have a lot of makeup on that will get on their gloves, the residue could get onto their medical equipment, which can risk making the tools unhygienic. A dentist is a medical professional, and they have seen it all before, so don't worry about looking your best, they just want to help you.