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Why Your Orthodontist Really Wants You To Have Straight Teeth

When you think of straight teeth, you might think of a novelty that isn't a dental necessity but nice to have. Your orthodontist, who is a specialist in teeth alignment and overall mouth distortions and abnormalities, has other reasons for wanting you to have straight teeth. If you haven't considered them before, here's an opportunity to do so and learn just why your orthodontist really wants you to have straight teeth.

So your teeth can do what they're supposed to

The problems people face in today's modern times with their teeth differ from the issues of their ancestors because jaws of the human species today are shorter and make teeth potentially more crowded. To allow your teeth to do what they're supposed to do, you need to ensure they're in proper placement. This makes it easier to clean your teeth, chew, speak, and overall engage in other oral needs more easily when your teeth are straighter.

Keep in mind that straight teeth aren't all the alignment you might need. Orthodontist specialists often perform palate stretching techniques in addition to putting braces on their patients to make the mouth wider for more comfortable teeth placement.

So your smile can bring you more confidence

If your teeth aren't straight, then you might feel lacking in your physical appearance. While having straight teeth isn't all you need for self-confidence, it can certainly help. If you have issues with your teeth that you'd like to see corrected, talk to an orthodontist to see what they can do. They may be able to give your smile a makeover by capping teeth, giving you braces, or recommending dental implants or other procedures that can benefit your smile.

So your oral health can improve

Crooked or misplaced teeth can be uncomfortable and cause issues with other teeth. They can be harder to clean and place pressure on other teeth, which can, in turn, make otherwise healthy teeth crack or have other issues. If you want your smile to be its best and crooked or excess teeth are causing you dental problems, then your orthodontist will want to get involved and help you have a better smile overall.

Orthodontist services vary in price based on where you live, what you need to have done, and how much your dental insurance may cover. Get a quote for services from your orthodontist before moving forward so you know what your costs will be and what might be covered overall. Your orthodontist may require you to have other dental work done prior to using their services, so get a referral from a dentist to an orthodontist when you're ready.