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Don't Let These Dental Misconceptions Ruin Your Smile

Dentists hear all kinds of things from their patients about dental health, and some of them fall into the misconception category. Take a look at these common dental issues that, if believed, will produce anything but a beautiful smile.

Brushing can be done at any time, as long as you brush.

It turns out that the timing of brushing matters a great deal. The health of your mouth depends on saliva production. You might consider saliva to be nature's mouthwash. In most cases, however, saliva production slows down to almost nothing while we sleep and that can make any food particles or bacteria hanging around in your mouth stay the night. That means you must brush before going to bed. In the morning, brushing removes any bacteria left to fester during the night. Depending on your diet, you might even want to brush after each meal. Some foods containing carbohydrates and sugar are more damaging than others to your teeth.

The general state of a person's health is not affected by oral health.

Many don't realize how your general health affects your oral health and vice versa. For example, you can create or worsen heart problems if you develop periodontal disease. The bacteria present in your mouth can enter your bloodstream and cause other health problems.

The time to visit the dentist is when you feel pain in your mouth.

This extremely common misconception can have people waiting far too long to deal with cavities and gum infections. By the time you feel pain, the problem has progressed to the point that teeth might be in danger. Addressing dental problems early saves both your teeth and your money since a minor filling is a lot less expensive than a root canal procedure.

If you drink only diet sodas, your teeth will be healthier.

Diet sodas contain something just as bad as sugar — acid. Acid makes bacteria growth more likely, and it damages your tooth enamel. Too many soft drinks of any kind can etch away the protective enamel on teeth, and that can lead to tooth sensitivity and, eventually, cavities and gum disease.

Your teeth can develop spaces if you floss too much.

If flossing were capable of moving teeth that much, no one would need orthodontic help. Flossing removes food particles and bacteria from between teeth where toothbrushes don't easily reach. If you experience pain or bleeding when you floss or if you think that your teeth are moving around when you floss, speak to your dentist. Something else besides flossing is creating issues in your mouth and that needs to be addressed.

For more information about any of these misconceptions, speak to a family dentist.