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Understanding Denture Adhesives And Which Product You Should Choose

If you are new to using dentures, then it can take you some time to get used to talking and eating with the false teeth. And, sometimes new dentures can hurt as they rub against the gums. Using denture cream is one way to ensure good fit and to make sure that sore spots are kept to a minimum. Keep reading to learn about what denture creams can do for you and how you can go about choosing the best product.

What Do Denture Creams Do?

Denture creams are adhesive products that work to create a bond between your dentures and the tissues that sit below them. The cream is much like a glue made from non-toxic ingredients and it is also water-soluble. This allows the adhesive to interact with your saliva to create an elastic and flexible barrier underneath the dentures. 

Denture creams can do a few different things for you. They help to fill the small gaps that sit between the gums and the denture. This keeps food particles from getting into the spaces and causing gum irritation. When food trapping is prevented, this can also keep bad breath at bay.

The creams also work to stop the dentures from shifting. This allows you to talk and eat without the dentures moving in the process so you can learn how to do these tasks with your dentures in your mouth.

Adhesive products are also able to prevent a condition called cheilitis. Cheilitis occurs when dentures do not fit correctly and yeast is able to grow along the underside of the denture base.

What Kind Of Adhesive Should You Use?

There are a number of different denture adhesive products that you can choose from. These include creams, strips, and powders. Creams are the most commonly used and require you to apply the product directly to the denture from a tube. While this type of product does allow you to use as much or as little of the adhesive as possible, you should follow the instructions as too much of the adhesive can cause an ill fit. 

Powders are an alternative to the creams. You simply sprinkle the adhesive onto the denture and then press it down over the gums. The powder has the advantage of offering the same hold as the creams without adding bulk to the denture. This is ideal if your gums are already irritated or swollen.

The last type of adhesive is the strip. Strips are small sections of adhesive that can be pressed into place once you remove the backing. They are pre-cut, easy to use, and do not create a mess like other types of products. Contact Sidney Dental Associates Inc for more.