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Signs You May Have A Cavity Or Tooth Decay

Many people do not give their teeth a second thought on any given day. They brush and maybe floss, but that is about it. However, it is important to be aware of the signs that you may have something wrong with your teeth like a cavity or tooth decay. Learn about some of the signs you might have a cavity or tooth decay. Then, you can be sure to get to the dentist as soon as possible if these issues are affecting you and your teeth. 

Your Teeth Are Sensitive

One of the signs of cavities or tooth decay in your teeth is tooth sensitivity. If you notice that your teeth have become sensitive to hot or cold (or switching between the two) or that they are sore from brushing or eating, you very likely have a problem on your hands. 

Schedule an appointment with a dentist and let them know about your tooth sensitivity issue. They will examine your teeth and likely do x-rays to determine if there are any cavities or tooth decay issues going on. 

You Have Frequent Toothaches

Many people tend to ignore toothaches when they occur because they may wax and wane. In other words, a toothache that is not a constant bother is often dismissed as nothing to worry about. 

But, the reality is that a toothache that comes on as sudden sharp pain or a pain that just doesn't have a known cause can be because of cavities or tooth decay. If you have this happen to you fairly often (even once a week or once every few weeks),  you should head to the dentist to get your teeth checked out. The earlier cavities are diagnosed, the easier they are to deal with. 

You Have Dark Spots on Your Teeth

If you notice black or brown spots on the surface of your teeth or even white spots that do not match the color of the rest of your tooth, you may have a cavity. This is a sign that there is a problem with your tooth and should not be ignored. 

You Have Holes in Your Teeth

Actual holes in the tooth are definitely a sign that you should go to the dentist. These holes can easily develop serious infections as bacteria can get in there and get down to the root of your tooth. Go to the dentist straight away if you have this issue. 

Knowing these signs that you may have a cavity or tooth decay, you can be sure you head to the dentist as soon as possible if any of these issues are affecting your teeth.