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Dental Care Tips For People Of All Ages

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Tips For Better Dental Health As A Family

Instead of focusing just on your own dental health or on the dental health of your kids, why not think about your family as a whole? Families share so many habits, from what they eat to how often they brush, so taking action in a whole-family manner can help everyone enjoy better dental health. Here are some tips to get you started towards this goal.

1. Arrange to see the same dentist.

If everyone in your family is seeing a different dentist, it is time to consolidate. There are family dental offices, like Rupp and Grabowski Family Dentistry, that offer care for everyone from six months of age to 100 years of age! When you all see the same dentist, it is a lot easier to make and keep appointments; everyone can visit at the same time. Plus, your dentist will be aware of the dental health problems that other family members experience and can therefore be on the lookout for the same or similar issues with your other family members.

2. Get everyone on the same toothbrush replacement cycle.

You should be replacing everyone's toothbrushes approximately every three months. If everyone is on a different schedule, it is tough to remember whose toothbrush needs to be swapped out. Family members are more likely to end up using old toothbrushes that may not only do a less effective job, but could also be holding onto bacteria that cause cavities.

Throw all of your toothbrushes out, and replace them all on the first of the month. Then, set a reminder in your phone to replace all the toothbrushes every three months from here on out.

3. Leave sugary items at the grocery store.

It's no secret that sugary foods are bad for your teeth! If you buy these foods, then it is up to individual family members to decide whether to eat them or leave them in the pantry. A better approach is to just not buy these items. Look for healthier, lower-sugar cereals, beverages, and snacks. Have a meeting with your family members during which you discuss the importance of making these changes. This way, nobody will be surprised when they don't find their favorite sugary cereal in the cabinet anymore. Your dental health will all improve as a result of this simple change in grocery shopping habits.

The tips above will help you improve dental health in your whole family. Talk to your family dentist for more help!