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Five Problems That Can Be Fixed By Dental Veneers

Do you have a cosmetic problem with your teeth that you are not happy about? If so, the answer to your problems may be dental veneers. Here are five problems that can be fixed by putting a porcelain shell on the front surface of your teeth. 

Discolored Teeth

Do you have teeth that are discolored to the point where whitening won't make them the way that you want them to look? Your best option may be to cover the teeth with dental veneers. Discoloration can happen from years of smoking, or maybe a bad reaction to a medication that caused the color of your teeth to change. With the front surface of the teeth covered, nobody will be able to see what color is hidden underneath.

Misaligned Teeth

If you have a couple teeth that are misaligned, know that you don't need to get braces to fix it. It's possible to cover those misaligned teeth with a dental veneer. The front surface will look as if they are perfectly aligned, even if they are still in their old position underneath the porcelain surface. The best part about using veneers is that the misalignment will be fixed in a single visit.

Chipped Teeth

Have that one tooth that is chipped, and bonding doesn't seem to hold for very long? A dental veneer surface can help cover up the imperfection and allow you to smile comfortably once again. Veneers have the strength to be used for chewing, since they are not just a cosmetic procedure. The veneer surface is going to give the appearance that the tooth was never broken in the first place. 

Gapped Teeth

Have two teeth with a bit of a gap between them? You don't have to shift all of the teeth together in order to close the gap. Dental veneers can be placed on the teeth to help close the gap, by making the appearance of the two teeth around the gap be slightly bigger. Ordinary people won't know that the gap is closed on the visible surface, since you would need to see what is going on behind the veneer to know it was a fake surface. 

Worn Teeth

Do you have teeth that have been worn down over the years due to problems like grinding? It is possible to use veneers to make the front surface of the teeth match the height of the surrounding teeth. You don't have to live forever with those worn down teeth ruining your smile. 

If you aren't happy with your smile or just want to improve it, ask your dentist about porcelain veneers