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Three Ways To Get Braces For Your Child Without Them Feeling Embarrassed

No matter your child's age, getting braces as a kid isn't the easiest thing. Children can be judgmental, and your child probably feels pretty self-conscious as they're growing up. As a result, choosing braces for your child can make you feel like you have to choose between getting their teeth straightened while embarrassing them or leaving them as-is with all the potential problems that could pose for them in the future. The good news is that this is no longer a necessity. Braces have advanced a long way over the last decade or so. So if you want to get braces for your kid and not embarrass them, here's what you can do.

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are a great option for kids. They're completely clear and slide over the teeth, which makes them nearly impossible to notice at a passing glance. Invisible braces do a good job of straightening minor to moderate teeth crookedness, though more severe problems like underbites and overbites may require a different solution. Your child can also benefit from invisible braces if they play sports, as they can simply pop them off before playing to ensure that their braces aren't damaged.

Clear Braces

So what do you do if your child isn't a good fit for invisible braces? Well, you still have two more options available to you.

Clear braces, despite the name, are much closer to traditional braces in function than invisible ones. However, they are much harder to notice than traditional braces because they're made out of a translucent plastic rather than metal.

Clear braces are a good choice if your child needs the straightening power of traditional braces.

Sublingual Braces

Your last option is sublingual braces. Unlike clear and invisible braces, these are plainly visible, and they are made of metal. But once they're mounted on your child's teeth, no one will be able to see them.

That's because, as the name implies, sublingual braces are mounted on the back of your child's teeth, not the front. So when they flash a smile, eat, or laugh, nobody will be able to see the braces. They're also less likely to be damaged than clear braces if your child plays sports.

These three options should leave your child with plenty of ways to get their teeth straightened without anyone even knowing that they have braces. It's the best of both worlds, so talk to an orthodontist at a company like Poulson Orthodontics about getting the ball rolling.