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Why Cosmetic Dentists Are So Critical For Hockey Players

The cliche image of a hockey player often included multiple missing teeth that created a fractured smile. And while safety regulations and better helmets do minimize the risk of dental damage, many players experience it every year. Thankfully, cosmetic dentists can help.

Hockey Pucks Cause Extreme Dental Damage

During a great hockey game, the puck is likely to take to the air higher than expected during more than a few moments. While getting high enough to hit the head is rare, there is a chance that a person could get either grazed in the mouth by a puck or hit full-speed. The dangers of various types of dental problems are quite high — many hockey players even lose some of their teeth after this type of injury.

Even if the puck only causes minor or slight damage to a person's mouth, that injury could still be severe enough to cause a myriad of issues. Lost teeth could create a gap that triggers dental decay and even problems with the bone in the jaw. Therefore, it is wise to talk to a cosmetic dentist about this situation to ensure that these issues are properly managed with minimum issues.

How Cosmetic Dentists Help

Cosmetic dentists do more than just enhance a smile or whiten teeth — they can reconstruct the mouth after a severe injury. For example, a hockey player who loses some or even most of their teeth in a heavy puck strike may be able to get a variability of different care options. Implants and bridges can help with small gaps while dentures may be necessary for larger teeth loss.

The important thing about this process is that the dentist states that the procedures are necessary for the health and well being of the patient. If they don't, there is a chance that the insurance company may deny their claim. Thankfully, most hockey players who lose teeth shouldn't have a hard time getting coverage. After all, losing all or even most of their teeth can trigger more severe dental problems.

Therefore, anybody who plays hockey and who is worried about this issue should talk to a cosmetic dentist right away to learn more. Even if they haven't experienced any damage yet, they can at least learn more about what to expect, the kind of procedures that may help, and other aspects that provide an individual with the help that they need to keep their teeth strong on the ice.

To learn more, contact a cosmetic dentist.