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Lifestyle Changes You Might Have To Make With Invisalign

A great way to straighten your teeth is through Invisalign, which is also known as clear braces. This system requires wearing clear aligners all the time during your treatment plan. Wearing these aligners will slowly adjust your teeth's positioning and will align your teeth perfectly but wearing them will also require maintenance and even some lifestyle changes. Here are some of the lifestyle changes you might have to make if you choose Invisalign.

You Will Primarily Drink Water Only

The first change you will likely make involves the beverages you drink. You cannot drink anything besides water while wearing your aligners. Because of this, you will probably notice that you are not drinking other beverages as much, simply because it is a pain to take the aligners out to drink anything other than water. You might find that you cut back on coffee in the morning and soda later in the day. This change in lifestyle will actually help your teeth stay healthier because you will expose your teeth to less sugar and acid.

You Will Need to Carry Your Toothbrush with You

Secondly, you will need to start carrying your toothbrush with you, as you will need to brush your teeth after eating meals or snacks. You cannot put your aligners back in your mouth without first cleaning your teeth, so you should prepare to make this lifestyle change when getting Invisalign.

You Will Have to Limit Your Snacks

Additionally, you will probably have to limit the snacks you eat, as you cannot eat with the aligners in your mouth. The result of this is that many people end up losing weight while using Invisalign treatment, simply because it is so much work to have to worry about brushing your teeth after snacks that many people simply cut snacks out of their daily routine.

You Will Have to Adjust the Way You Speak

The other change you might have to make involves the way you speak. It takes time to get accustomed to talking while wearing the aligners, so you should expect to have to make some adjustments to the way you speak until you get used to the aligners.

It might take a few weeks to really get used to wearing these aligners, but once you get acquainted with this new part of life, you should have no problem living with these new changes. To learn more about this option, talk to a dentist who offers Invisalign services.