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Why People Are Mouth-Breathers And The Harm It Causes For Oral Health

Do you know someone who never breathes with their mouth closed? Is this the way you breathe? People who breathe like this are referred to as mouth-breathers. They breathe through their mouths instead of their noses, and most people do this for a reason. In fact, there are several reasons that explain most cases of mouth breathing, and it is important to understand that breathing this way can increase the risks of different types of oral health problems.

The Common Reasons People Are Mouth-Breathers

A person who breathes primarily through their mouth does so typically because breathing through their nose does not work right. Think back to your last bad cold when you could not breathe through your nose. Remember how frustrating that was? Imagine, though, if that was how you always felt. There are people who struggle with chronic allergy problems or sinus issues that can never breathe through their nose. Because of this, they become mouth-breathers. People with tonsil issues or other ear, nose, and throat issues also tend to be mouth-breathers. There are also people who breathe through their mouth simply out of habit, but most people do this only because they struggle with breathing through their nose.

The Oral Risks of Breathing Through Your Mouth Only

Living in a way where you always breathe through your mouth is not only frustrating, but it can pose some oral health risks you should be aware of. The first risk is that of dry mouth. Your mouth will get dry if you always breathe through it. While dry mouth is annoying, it is also a condition that increases a person's risks for cavities and gum disease.

Secondly, mouth-breathers tend to struggle more with bad breath. Dry mouth leads to bad breath and so does allergy issues. If you have a lot of mucus on your nasal cavity all the time, it can seep into your mouth leaving your breath bad most of the time. There are some additional risks from this, too, and you can talk to a dentist if you have concerns or questions.

If you are concerned about the reason you breathe through your mouth, visit a doctor. You should also visit a dentist to find out if you have any oral issues from this, and a visit to the dentist can also help you learn how to reduce your risks of oral issues if you are a mouth-breather. Speak with a professional who provides dental services to learn more.