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Why Brushing Your Teeth Is Not Enough

Brushing your teeth is a great thing, right? All dentists would agree that brushing is a vital part of good oral care, but did you know that brushing is not all your teeth and mouth need? Brushing your teeth is definitely one key part of good oral care, but flossing your teeth and scraping and cleaning your tongue are also very important for your oral health.

Flossing and the importance of it

It is not uncommon for dentists to ask people if they floss their teeth regularly, as this is a habit that can really make a big difference in a person's oral health. Flossing does not take a lot of time and really is not overly difficult to do. There are even newer types of flossing products you can buy that make flossing even easier to do.

When you complete this habit each day, not only are you removing smelly bacteria and food particles from between your teeth, but you are removing particles that could lead to cavities. The result of daily flossing is fresher breath and a reduced risk of cavities.

Additionally, flossing helps you clean plaque off the gum lines in the areas between your teeth. Doing this each day may, therefore, reduce the chances you have of developing gum disease. A lot of people feel like flossing is optional, but it really is something you should aim to do at least once a day. Flossing before bed is generally the best time to do it, but you can do it at other times too.

The importance of cleaning and scraping your tongue

The second daily habit you might not be completing is tongue cleaning. This is often called tongue scraping too, but both terms generally mean just about the same thing. Cleaning or scraping your tongue is highly important if you want to remove all the plaque in your mouth when you clean your mouth. Your tongue can hold onto all kinds of bacteria, and if you never scrape or clean it, your mouth will not be as clean as it could be. To do this, either use your toothbrush or buy tongue scrapers to use each day. You may find that your teeth stay cleaner longer if you do this.

If you can incorporate cleaning your tongue and flossing into your normal daily routine, you might have a healthier mouth and fresher breath. If you would like more tips about this, ask a general dentist.