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How Dental Crowns Are Used As Part Of Your Overall Dental Care

If you have missing teeth or damaged teeth, your dentist may talk to you about the need for a dental crown. They can be used as a cover to protect a tooth that has needed to be drilled and the decay removed, saving what is left of your tooth. If you want to replace a missing tooth, your dentist can use dental implants that include the production of a crown to give you a natural-looking tooth. Your oral health is important. When you take care of any dental decay in your mouth, you may need dental fillings or crowns. If you want to have a great-looking smile, teeth whitening and implants can have a positive impact.

Dental Crowns to Cover Existing Teeth

A dental crown can be created that looks like your existing tooth. When you have a tooth root that is still in good shape, there is no need to remove the tooth completely. Any decay that is in your tooth can be removed, leaving a root that is strong enough to hold a dental crown. Once the crown is in place, it will look and feel like the tooth that was already there. They are useful to protect the remainder of your existing teeth so that you don't have to deal with a missing tooth.

When You Have a Missing Tooth

Dental crowns are used in dental implant technology to replace a missing tooth. They can be used to replace a number of teeth that are side by side, creating an implant with a dental bridge attached. With dental implants, a titanium rod is placed in your jaw and allowed to embed there. It takes a few months for the titanium rod to fuse with your jaw. A dental crown is secured to the top of the rod, creating a natural-looking tooth.

If Your Smile is Crooked or Discolored

Your dentist might use a dental crown to repair a crooked tooth or cover over one that is discolored. You can try teeth whitening treatment to lighten a discolored tooth as well. If you are not happy with your smile, your dentist has a number of ways they can work to improve the appearance of your smile.

Dental crowns are an important part of dentistry. Used to protect damaged teeth or replace missing ones, you can have a beautiful smile when your dentist uses crowns in your overall treatment.