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Ensuring Your Treatment With Clear Plastic Aligners Goes As Planned

There are many different orthodontic options available to straighten the teeth, especially if the misalignment is only moderate. Some people prefer more traditional options, such as conventional braces. However, others desire more discreet applications, such as clear plastic aligners. 

Here are a few measures that patients with clear aligners should take to ensure that their treatment goes as planned. 

Keep the Aligners in Your Mouth Day and Night

Clear plastic aligners are removable. However, you should be sure to keep the devices in your mouth for the majority of the day and night. In fact, you should not leave your appliance out of your mouth for more than a couple of hours during a 24-hour period.

The aligners must be left in place for a suitable amount of time or the applied force will be too inconsistent to properly reposition the teeth.

Remove Your Aligners When You Eat

The aligners are made of rigid plastic. However, they can still be damaged. By leaving the aligners out of your mouth during meals and snacks, you can help ensure that your trays don't incur small scratches that could harbor bacteria. Additionally, the removal of the appliances allows you to eat freely without trapping bits of food between the aligners and your teeth.

Brush and Floss Without The Aligners in Place

One advantage of the clear plastic aligners is the patient's ability to clean their teeth without trying to navigate around the devices. Brushing and flossing can occur according to your regular routine. Once your dental hygiene regimen is complete, you simply place your aligners back in your mouth.

Rinse Your Aligners With Cold Water

To clean your aligners, rinse them in cold water. Hot water may warp the appliance. The disfigurement can be particularly detrimental since the aligners are customized based on the dimensions of your mouth.

Also, you can soak the aligners in a denture solution or clean them with soap. Toothpaste should be avoided due to its abrasiveness.

Wear Your Aligners in Sequential Order

At the start of your treatment, you are given multiple sets of aligners. You wear each set for a few weeks and then move on to the next set in the sequence. If you wear the aligners in the wrong order, your teeth will not receive the gradual progressive alignment force that they need to move into their proper positions.

For more information about clear plastic aligners like Invisalign, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your local area.