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Considering Dental Implants? Three Ways To Cut The Expense

Everyone knows that dental implants do not come cheap, especially considering the fact that almost all dental insurance plans do not cover the cost of implants and consider implants "cosmetic." So, if you want dental implants, you are going to to have to take out a loan, pull out the credit cards, or tap your savings. However, there is a way to cut the costs down and still get a mouth full of fake teeth. 

Implant, Bridge, Implant, Bridge, Implant

In this procedure, your dentist inserts an implant every other space in your mouth. These implants act as the anchors for the next step in the procedure; the bridges. Once the implant surgical sites are healed and not showing any signs of infection or coming loose, the dentist gets to work on making and inserting the bridges, which are nothing more than individual teeth that loop over the implants with surgical steel loops. The dentist can fuse these loops to the bases of the implants, or leave them as-is, allowing you to remove a bridge tooth when you need to, as you might if an infection develops in or around the base of the implant. 

Permanent Dentures via Implant Screws

Instead of implants, consider this procedure that utilizes the implant abutment screws but not the actual implants. Instead, a full denture is fitted to your mouth, and attaches to the abutment screws that have been surgically inserted into your jawbones at different intervals. The denture is then affixed to the screws and cannot be removed ever again except by your dentist or oral surgeon. If you have a complete lack of teeth on your upper or lower jaw, then this can provide you with a complete new set of "teeth" that look just like a set of implants and are affixed like implants, but without the cost of implants. 

Implants with Attached Extended Bridges

Option number three creates longer dental bridges permanently attached to single implant crowns. For example, one implant will have two bridge crowns permanently attached to it. It can be two bridge crowns to either side, or one bridge crown on each side of the implant. Either way, it quickly fills up and fills out your mouth, removing the gaps caused by all of the missing teeth. This is a good option if you still have some of your own teeth and those teeth are reasonably healthy. 

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