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Why Pick A Dental Implant Over A Partial Denture

Missing a single tooth can be quite stressful. You may be missing it in a place that is highly visible to others or in a place where the tooth was used a lot for chewing. Thankfully, there are several options to fix a missing tooth. Here is why you should pick a dental implant over a partial denture to fix your missing tooth.

The Improved Natural Feel

The most noticeable benefit you'll see by getting a dental implant installed is that the tooth will feel completely natural in your mouth. That is because the implant becomes a permanent fixture, and it will not move or shift around once in place. This is the complete opposite of a partial denture, which can be removed at any time. The denture may slip around unintentionally when you least expect it.

The Improved Speech

Having an implant that is fixed permanently in place means that you are also going to have improved speech. This can frequently happen when using a partial denture, which can be quite embarrassing when speaking around other people. You won't have to learn how to speak differently when you have the dental implant installed since talking will feel completely normal.

The Improved Eating

You will also have a more enjoyable time eating food with a dental implant. The implant has the strength to eat all of your favorite foods just like you did in the past, and there will be no special considerations to make just because of the tooth replacement method you selected. Meanwhile, a partial denture may not be able to chew through all of your favorite foods and make you think twice about what and how you eat.

The Improved Confidence

A dental implant is definitely going to give you improved confidence that cannot be matched with a partial denture. When you consider all of the benefits of having an implant, you'll see improved confidence when smiling, eating, and talking. All of these things contribute to having confidence and not worrying that people will notice your dental implant.

The Improved Longevity

Dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime with the proper care. While an implant can fail, it is not because of the implant itself failing, but the bone and gum tissue that surround it. Suffering from gum disease can become problematic, but with the proper oral health routine, you will be doing all you can to maintain your dental implant for years to come.

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