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Dental Care Tips For People Of All Ages

Whether you came to this blog to learn about caring for your child's baby teeth or if you need information on dental implants, you'll find what you're looking for here. While we always recommend that you discuss your concerns with your dentist, our blog is an excellent starting point that can offer you immediate answers to some of your most pressing questions. This site not only provides our readers with the latest tips on dental care, but it also touches on ways in which chronic health conditions can affect your oral health. We want our readers to be well-informed dental patients and we hope we can help you do just that!



How Thumb Sucking Can Affect Your Child’s Oral Health

Thumb-sucking is a very normal habit for young children to help them self-soothe. While this habit should gradually fade as your child ages, some children continue the habit for too long. Read on to learn why long-term thumb-sucking can be a problem and how a pediatric dentist can help your child correct the issue. Why Is Thumb Sucking a Problem if It Continues Too Long? When children suck their thumbs, it's easier for bacteria and viruses to spread in the oral cavity. Read More 

What Your Dentist Can Do About A Stubborn Case Of Gum Disease

Gum disease is very common. Most people experience bouts of it from time to time, and usually, brushing your teeth more often and using some mouthwash will take care of it. But if these practices do not clear up your gum disease symptoms within a week or two, you should really see a dentist. They offer some very effective treatments, even for the most stubborn gum disease cases. Take a look. Read More 

Five Problems That Can Be Fixed By Dental Veneers

Do you have a cosmetic problem with your teeth that you are not happy about? If so, the answer to your problems may be dental veneers. Here are five problems that can be fixed by putting a porcelain shell on the front surface of your teeth.  Discolored Teeth Do you have teeth that are discolored to the point where whitening won't make them the way that you want them to look? Read More 

This Is Why Your Teeth Became Crooked After Braces, And What You Can Do About It

If you had braces as a child, you may have been promised a lifetime of straight, perfect-looking teeth. So it can be rather upsetting if you grow up and notice that some of your teeth have shifted out of position. Why does this happen, and what can you do about it? Stay in Place There are a couple of likely reasons why your teeth shifted after your braces treatment. The first is that people need to wear retainers after they get out of braces, typically for at least a full year. Read More 

Three Ways To Get Braces For Your Child Without Them Feeling Embarrassed

No matter your child's age, getting braces as a kid isn't the easiest thing. Children can be judgmental, and your child probably feels pretty self-conscious as they're growing up. As a result, choosing braces for your child can make you feel like you have to choose between getting their teeth straightened while embarrassing them or leaving them as-is with all the potential problems that could pose for them in the future. Read More